Packington Free Range Cockerel

Slow Reared for an Exceptional Taste

We believe our Packington Free Range Cockerel is the very best we have to offer. These big birds lead long and happy lives, and this is reflected in the taste.
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How we rear our Cockerels

Our cockerels roam freely through the green pastures of our family farm, just outside Barton-under-Needwood in Staffordshire. A natural diet, supplemented with the finest maize and Omega 3-enriched corn, delivers a healthy, happy and stress-free bird, with a wonderful golden glow.

All our Packington Free Range Cockerels are hand packed and individually boxed to ensure they reach you in the best possible condition.

Packington Free Range Cockerel

Bigger & Better

Our cockerels are larger than our chickens, as they are given a lot more time to grow and mature, resulting in an even deeper flavour. The approach is simple: live longer, taste better!

Free Range Cockerels Christmas

A great alternative

From farm to table our cockerels make a delicious meal. Reared between 3kg and 7kg the birds are full of flavour and a great alternative to a traditional turkey dinner. Head over to our recipes section for tips on how to cook up a storm with this bird!